About us



The Australian Somatic Psychotherapy Association was created in July 2011 when two pre-existing Somatic Psychotherapy Associations joined together to form one larger association. The Australian Somatic Integration Association and the Australian Association of Somatic Psychotherapists formally ceased operating and combined resources to create a new unified, larger and stronger association better able to represent the needs of the diverse and growing membership.

What We Do

The Association provides representation, support, guidance, professional standards and development for those who practice as Somatic Psychotherapists, and closely allied modalities, in Australia. Somatic Psychotherapy Australia endeavours to raise the overall status and profile and awareness of the benefits of Somatic Psychotherapy to both the medical community and the public.

Somatic Psychotherapy Australia acknowledges and draws on the wisdom of its members, while honouring and holding to the heritage of Somatic Psychotherapy, as it has been practiced throughout many parts of the world in its long history

Our Members

Our members are part of the psychotherapeutic community and include Counsellors, Doctors, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Massage Therapists and Social Workers. Our members practice in a diverse range of settings from community mental health settings to individual and group practices.

All members are thoroughly trained and experienced in contemporary psychodynamic psychotherapy as well as in somatic, or body-oriented, principles of practice. Because of the breadth of theory and technique available to somatic psychotherapists, there is diversity in the ways in which Somatic Psychotherapy may be ethically practiced. Each member will express their particular emphasis and balance of somatic and psychodynamic techniques according to their own preferences as well as in conjunction with the needs of the client.

All Somatic Psychotherapists have undertaken an appropriate training program, followed by extensive supervision and have engaged in their own long-term psychotherapy. They are also required to maintain their personal and professional development, including ongoing supervision post qualification, of their clinical work. Somatic Psychotherapists are bound by a Code of Ethical Conduct, which embraces the strictest standards of professional ethical practice.